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Multi Stage Depress Pressure Control Valve

V&C multi-stage depress pressure control valve utilizes multi-cage to reduce the pressure. It has features of S-shape passageway and high Cv. The valve plug is designed as balancing structure, so it can adjust the flow stably and has excellent anti differential pressure capability. According to different differential pressure, it can be designed with 1 to 3 stage cage to avoid the generation of flashing and cavitation effectively, ideal for services of high gas or liquid differential pressure、flashing and cavitation .



Design Feature


Product Range

Strong flow capacity
Large guiding area for stable movement
Wide adjustable range and high adjusting precise
Ideal for service with high differential pressure
Low sealing resistance with excellent sealing
Multi-stage cage design avoiding cavitation and flashing appearance
Modularized integral structure design for easy inter-changeable
Ideal for controlling flow of various pressure and temperature




Pressure Rating

150~2500LB (PN16~PN420)

Body Materials

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel


PDL pneumatic diaphragm actuator、PCL pneumatic piston actuator、Electric actuator


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